Animatic Pilot – Tubertainment

TUBERTAINMENT aka « Amour, Gloire & Tubercules »

FORMATS: 11’x 77  or 5’x 154

AUDIENCE: Adult Animation Series + Family transmedia :

a stop motion animation series + books for adults and children + social media + AR Game


Amour, Gloire et Tubercules Supports

GENDER: Tender Social Satire

PITCH: 7 seasons, the teenagers will become adults and the adults will retire, changing their views about life. In any case, just like human beings, there is always a difference between what they tell and what they do.

In every episode, you have the point of view of 5 characters from the 2 groups (Family & Friends) on topics like success, friendship, love,…

Final_Family_group02                        Amour, Gloire et Tubercules ® - EDGAR POW WOW PRODUCTIONS

SACD 000042704 – Trademark INPI 4279272


Michel Gondry, director,

(« The Eternal Sunshine of my Spotless Mind », « L’Ecume des Jours », « The Science of Sleep »)

about the short film which inspired the series Tubertainment :

« Bravo. I really like it. » 


Jean-Patrick Benes and Allan Mauduit, writers and directors,

(« Ugly Melany », « Kaboul Kitchen » Gold FIPA Award Best Series, « Rebelles » Alpes d’Huez Globe de Cristal Award ),

who supervised the Bible, the narrative arcs and the scripts of  Tubertainment :

« Three words: We love it!!!! »


EDGAR POW WOW Productions & TEAM

Ambitious production company working internationally on inspiring projects crossing different medias, building bridges between techniques (stop motion, live action, documentary, VFX, AR/VR/XR) and between cultures.

Logo Edgar Pow Wow Texte (sans productions) JPL teletoonBTCQ cofiloisirsteam VR connection  FJPI-4-grand-LOGO-reseaux-300x300 

Emilie G Caillon, creator and showrunner

3 Emilie Caillon

Actress, writer, director, producer and coach trained in France, England, USA and Quebec in Visual Art, Screenwriting, Theatre, Cinema, Communication and Self Development. Member of the Executive Board of the Federation of the Young Independant Producers (FJPI). She had the luck to work with french and international directors such as Jonathan Demme, Jean-Patrick Benes, Allan Mauduit, Christian Duguay, Irvin Kershner, Tim Burton and Robert Lepage her mentor.

Contact: Emilie G Caillon – EDGAR POW WOW Productions – 14 Rue Charles V – 75004 Paris – +33 (0)689474711 –


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